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pampGet Cash for Gold from OC Gold and Coin

Here at OC Gold and Coin our trained gold professionals can help you sell gold without worry or discomfort. Knowing whether the jeweler’s stamp on your gold is authentic can be the difference between you getting cash for gold or not. At any of OC Gold and Coin’s several locations, you’ll be able to see our certified jewelers test your gold – in front of you, not in a backroom somewhere – to arm with you all the relevant information you need about your gold jewelry. When it comes to selling gold, education is the key to receiving an incredible cash payout, and our friendly staff is committed to making sure you receive your due.

Sell Gold Without Worry

Whether you have gold jewelry, gold coins, or even just scrap gold, you can come on in to OC Gold and Coin where we buy gold from you with integrity, honesty and commitment: providing you with a great experience selling gold is our mission, and our gold experts will analyze the authenticity and worth of your gold with full transparency. Do you have a jeweler’s stamp on your gold? Our professional jeweler’s can tell you all about it. Call OC Gold & Coin today.