Mission Viejo, CA

cashinhandExpert Gold & Coin Buyers and Sellers in Mission Viejo, CA

Gold coins pack a lot of value. They’re always worth their weight in gold—and if collectable, they can be worth much, much more. A Gold Napoleon Franc with a rare mint date can be worth more than double its melt value for the right buyer.

We take a different approach to buying. Instead of weighing your coins and dumping them into the melting pot, we determine their collectable value first. Whether you’ve got a one-ounce new release Buffalo coin, or a 19th century Ottoman coin one-tenth the size, we’ll do the research, find the best price, and make you a heftier offer.

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Gold Coins That We Buy

  • American Eagle
  • American Buffalo
  • Canadian Maple Leaf
  • St. Gaudens
  • Indian Head
  • Liberty
  • Philharmonic
  • Mexican Peso
  • Russian Rubles
  • African Krugerrand
  • Australian Kangaroo
  • Chinese Panda
  • British Sovereigns
  • Proof sets
  • Proof Coins
  • Commemorative Coins
  • and more…

doubleeagleWhether you’re looking for the best place to sell gold coins, searching for trusted silver coin buyers, figuring out how to sell gold coins for and for how much, looking to sell a gold coin from your collection, or simply searching for where to sell gold coins online or in person…you’ve come to the right place.

Why Sell Gold & Silver Coins to OC Gold and Coin?

Our impressive staff boasts second generation coin buyers, numismatic experts
and over 60 years of experience in selling coins.

Our coin buyers can answer your every question about the process immediately, with no obligation to sell.

morgandollarHow much is my coin worth?

This is one question that no one can accurately answer for you online as it’s necessary to see the coin to determine its exact value. Certainly some gold coins and silver coins have intrinsic value – meaning they are worth at least equal to the weight of gold or silver within them. At OC Gold and Coin, our gold buyers and coin buyers are trained to identify your coin first, determine its greater value either in melt value or numismatic and make you the most competitive cash for gold coins offer on the market.